Hey there beautiful!  My name is Elyse, and I live in Las Vegas, NV with my husband Derek.  I am so excited about this blog, but I do want to be super upfront and honest, because even though sometimes it’s crazy hard to do, we need that shit to build and maintain trust..can I get an amen?

AMEN sister ♥

I have NO idea what I’m doing. This is my first blog post ever.. but I DO promise to try my best and keep it as real as possible.  Also, my photos of food might not be the prettiest, but trust and believe they will taste good.

I’m originally from a tiny township (pop. 2,543 in 2018)  in NE Ohio called Mecca, which is near Farmdale, which is near Warren, which is near Youngstown, which is near Cleveland.  I moved out here 8 years ago for a job at Zappos (forever thankful for these guys, more on them later) I would say my entire life basically since I was 5 years old I’ve always been overweight. Throughout my adult life I’ve been able lose over 130lbs naturally with eating low carb, some cardio, and a lot of yoga (much more on that later) No crazy ass expensive products, or dangerous pills, or monthly subscriptions… just a girl with a dream, and a lot of determination . 

I really am excited that you are here, and I honestly hope that somehow I can be of assistance to you in whateverrrr journey you are on.

As my mentor Adriene says,

“Take what you need, leave what you don’t”

Some of my posts may not be for you, and that’s ok, maybe the next one, or the one after that!  But they may be exactly what someone else needs.

Times are really crazy right now sister… or brother, but please remember we don’t have to be miserable every day… just some days.

Love you and I hope today was a good day!! If for some reason it wasn’t, I got a good feeling about tomorrow

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