Change Sucks

Yep, I said it.  Change really sucks doesn’t it?  I’m not talking about the good parts of change, because those always, eventually come.  I’m talking about the very beginning of change… you know, the scary part of change, the, holy shit what am I going to do now?  How am I going to get out of this?  How do I start over?  I’d say the biggest change that I’ve ever had to make was leaving my abusive ex (muchhh more on this later).  I was with him for 7 years, and for some reason, stayed with him.  I really do think it was a comfort thing.  I mean, it had to be, no-one in their right mind would have put up with his shit that long, but I was scared of change, but comfortable with abuse.  Does that not sound absolutely ridiculous?  Scared of change but comfortable with abuse.  Abuse can be from anyone, or anything.. it doesn’t have to be from an alcoholic partner.  It can be from a job, a friend, or even a family member..  If you are facing changes with ANYTHINGGG even down to your eating habits… YOU GOT THIS, change sucks so, so bad there is no denying that, but please don’t be scared of change, and comfortable with abuse… I know, that you know, that you are better than that sister … or brother.

One more thing I want to say about change. Kohl’s cash.  I’ve always heard if you don’t use it, you lose it.. I like to think your smile works the same way.  Use it or lose it sister… or brother.  Whether you are a busser at the Local Eat’N Park.. (they are the place for smiles you know!) or you’re pretending to be waiting on your glam team.. smile!  We need it, especially now.  Please hang in there, and please believe me when I say, change in the very beginning is going to suck, really, really bad.. but PLEASE don’t give up, I promise there is so much more just waiting for you.    

20, smiling

busser at the local Eat ‘N Park

35, smiling

pretending to be waiting on my glam squad


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