“May these be as sweet as your smile.” 



I hope you are hanging in there, I know it’s really tough right now but please keep trying ❤

You can find both the sugar free york peppermint patties and chocolate chips both at WalMart.  But Y the Christmas ornaments Elyse?  Why not? Please be nice today, especially to yourself… well tomorrow too, but let’s start with today. 

1(7oz. bag) Lily’s mint chocolate flavored chips
1/3c. splenda
1c. heavy whipping cream
1tsp. vanilla
2tbsp butter
6 sugar free york peppermint patties


In a medium pan on medium heat, mix heavy cream, splenda, butter, and vanilla stirring often for 15ish minutes or until a thicc sweetened condensed milk forms.  Let it sit and set for 15 minutes.  Once set, stir in the entire bag of chips until super smooth.  Line a baking dish or whatever you have with parchment paper, pour into dish and chop up 6 or however many peppermint patties you wish #nojudgementhere and sprinkle them on top. Throw them into the freezer for atleast 2 hours, and enjoy!

For the entire pan it’s 36g of net carbs, basically sugar free, and 100% delicious.  If you do try them out, please let me know and use #mrswillyumsmademedoit 
I think it would be fun to have everything in one place!

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