What the hell does that mean, Elyse?  I’m so glad you asked.. Do you know that old saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way?

We all are on a journey.. it could be a weight-loss journey, a self love journey, a happiness journey, a religious or spiritual journey, or my favorite… a just getting through this crazy ass world journey. Why not make the journey yummy?  Any journey that’s worth anything takes a ton of hard work, dedication, sweat, tears, and fall to the knees moments…. I actually just had one of those the other day!   And sometimes when those really hard moments come up in your journey which girllllllll, they will, why be miserable? Let’s be real.. there’s enough going on in the world to make us hella miserable.. like it’s almost impossible to find any type of joy…If I’m right, can I get an AMEN?! 

If you are working towards anything, I just want to remind you, you can, and should enjoy it…find something yummy about it!  Every single day that passes is getting us one step closer to that goal.  So please, please, please take it one day at a time, those individual days add up pretty quick when we keep showing up for ourselves!  When you fall off, and if you never fall off then okkkkk girl,, get it! Don’t be mean to yourself and don’t beat yourself up about it… PLEASE don’t… Acknowledge it, accept it, and get your booty back up there sister.. or brother! When I say find something yummy about it… I mean, try and be happy where you are, but excited to where you are headed.  I really do hope the next time you are thinking of giving up, or questioning your decision and desire for change.. or anything really.. you can think back to this post, and my favorite mantra … “Where there’s a will there’s a yum” (more on mantras later) And think these two things…


 “Some bootleg Richard Simmons lady says where there’s a will there’s a yum.. what does that even mean?”

And my personal favorite, works best in front of a mirror

“I love you, and I accept you.. alllll of you.. hold on baby, we’re going places”

Whatever you are working on, keep it up, and remind yourself why you started..please, please, please be kind to yourself, well and others too, but please be kind to yourself first.



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